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Welcome to the Naval Cadet Training Plan. This is the Unit Training Program for all Navy personnel, and the course offerings include all mandatory training for sailors and guardsman to advance through the cadet and NCO ranks. The courses are also available as optional training for all members of the Web Cadet Corps regardless of section or rank. The training material focuses on subjects that are relevant to the Navy element.

Above there is a button that links to our frequently asked questions page. If you are unsure about anything please click this link and if we don't have the answer to your question on that page, there is an option for you to ask us a question and we will get back to you shortly! We hope you enjoy the training the Naval Cadet Training Plan has to offer!

Cadet Junior Leadership


Required for promotion to PO3(N)

ETP Courses

Pre-requiste for promotion from OS - AS - LS (N)

Basic Naval Cadet Course


Intermediate Naval Cadet Course


Advanced Naval Cadet Course

Cadet Senior Leadership


Required for promotion to CPO(N)

Navy Qualifications

Completion of 1 Course is a pre-requiste of promotion to PO1 (N)

Cadet Submariner Qualification


Cadet Diver Qualification


Cadet Maritime Communicator

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