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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Web Cadet Corps?

The Web Cadet Corps is an online community of people who have come together to form a Cadet Corps - online! Just like any Air Force/Army/Marine/Navy Corps/Squadron/Unit based in real life, we do the same things, but online! Training, Promotions, Medals, Appointments, and a Chain of Command are a few of the things that we share very similarly with any other military service!

Founded in 1997 as a sea cadet-oriented experience, the WCC has grown to encompass multiple 'elements' which represent the difference cadet and military movements around the world; Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Space. Each element has its own unique rank structure and training programme.

2. Do I have to be in the military to join?

Absolutely not! We are more than welcoming to anyone at all! We are an online cadet experience helping each other learn new skills and gain new experiences based on real life cadet and military experiences.

3. Is there an age limit to join?

You must be 13 years or older to join the WCC.

4. Is this the Army?

No - we are not affiliated to any military, defence or cadet force around the world. We are an independant online based cadet organisation which offers web-based training modelled on the skills and lessons found in worldwide cadet movements. Joining the WCC is in no way linked to joining any armed force or cadet force.

5. Does this cost money?

No - the WCC is a totally non-profit organisation. Our only outgoings are server and forums costs, which are funded by the voluntary donations of members.

6. What is the point of the WCC?

Our mission is as follows:

  1. To promote learning and understanding of the world's military forces as well as useful general and specialist knowledge.
  2. To promote self-discipline, loyalty, leadership, comradeship and a sense of pride in achievement.
  3. To meet and make new friends from all around the world with common interests.

7. Does everybody have to learn HTML or have a job in their unit?

No. The WCC boasts its own Site Maintenance Department which has a team of 'site updaters' who are experts in the field of HTML and coding and are tasked with carrying out updates to the asthetics of our webpages. If you are acquainted with HTML skills and you are willing to help out, the Site Updates team will greatly receive you, and you will be recognised for your assistance.

8. Can I change my uniform?

Yes, you can choose to transfer between elements (uniforms) at a rate of once every six months, providing you meet the promotion requirements for the rank you are transferring across to. You must submit a Transfer Request through your chain of command, which will be considered by the Commanding Officer.

9. What is the highest position within the Web Cadet Corps?

The highest position in the Web Cadet Corps is the Commanding Officer. This person is elected by the members of the corps for a term of one year. Every year another election takes place to determine who will be the leader of the WCC for the following year.

10. How can I get medals?

Medals are awarded for a variety of different achievements and accomplishments. They show one's hard work and dedication to the corps in the area that the medal was awarded for. To see all possible medals you can earn, and how to get them, check out 'ANNEX D' of WCC Rules & Regulations.

11. How am I promoted?

Each rank grade has specific requirements which need to be met prior to being considered for promotion. This might be completing an Element Training course or passing a certain 'Trade' level. Promotion isn't automatic, and other factors are taken into account, such as your level of forums participation, your response to emails and requests, and your general attitude. Your Divisional Officer is responsible for recommending you to the relevant authority for promotion. Check out 'Chapter 9' of WCC Rules & Regulations for the specific requirements of each rank.

12. Can I be charged/get in trouble for bad behaviour?

Yes. Should you commit any sort of offence (swearing, hacking, inappropriate conduct, etc.) then you can be charged in the WCC Court. Consequences can vary from demotions to having to publicly apologize, even to a dismissal from the corps all together. These can be found in 'Chapter 10' of WCC Rules & Regulations.

13. What jobs are there that I can do?

There WCC can be split into two specific areas; Divisional and Logistics.

The Divisional Branch is made up of two 'Divisions', which form the majority of the Corps. Jobs within a division are geared towards mentorship, tuition and leadership. This is because the Divisions house all the Cadets, NCO's and Officers of the Corps, and Divisional Staff are there to help everybody advance and get on in the WCC. These jobs involve being very active and a keen communicator as you will be talking to your divisional members frequently.

The Logistics Branch is made up of three 'Departments', which basically support the WCC. The departments are TRAINING, ADMINISTRATION and SITE MAINTENANCE. Jobs within these departments are more specific, such as being an Instructor within the Training Department, or a Site Updater or Graphics Technician within the Site Maintenance Department. Members of these departments really keep the WCC going, and job satisfaction within these departments can be good!

14. How do I become an Officer? Can I become an officer right away?

All WCC officers have gone through training in the Officer’s Academy and passed extensive training focusing in various aspects of the WCC. They served as NCO’s until they were at least the rank of Sgt/PO1, before being accepted into the Officer’s Academy (OA) upon the recommendation of their Divisional Officer.

15. What do I do here?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and a good one at that! You have three main aspects of the corps:

  1. Training
  2. Jobs & Duties
  3. Divisional Activities

Training: This includes doing Trades, Qualifications, and other required training needed to be promoted! Not only do Trades and Qualifications get you promoted, but the more you to, the better your element does in the annual Trades competition! When you get up in the ranks, you’ll need to take NCO College courses to be promoted. These courses offer training in Administration, Leadership, and HTML webpage programming.

Jobs & Duties: ,There are several jobs and duties that you can do for the corps. While jobs are not required, they are a great way for you to get your foot in the door when it comes to starting out and moving up in the ranks. The Commanding Officer was a Cadet at one time too! You need to ensure that your jobs and duties have been fulfilled. If you have to report to your Divisional Officer by the end of the month, make sure it’s done. If you have a deadline to meet to have completed coding a page, make sure it’s done! If something ever comes up, remember that we all have problems, and we all know this. Let someone know and they will be more than understanding in giving you an extension.

Divisional Activities: Divisions will have features and incentives posted in the All Ranks forum. These are intended for you to have some fun while still remaining active within the Corps! They will include various things from making a caption for a specific picture to getting to know other cadets within the Division. It is your responsibility to make sure that you’re participating in these things – they’re a lot of fun, and even more fun when you’re doing them together as a team!

16. What if I want to leave the corps (temporarily or permanently)?

We understand that there are things that come up in everyone’s life that we cannot control. Whether you’re moving, or just not interested in the WCC anymore, it’s something that happens to everyone at some point. You have two options when issues come up:

1. TAKE A PERIOD OF LEAVE - You can contact your superior to authorise a period of leave up to two weeks. In certain circumstances, leave can be extended up to three months by the approval of the Commanding Officer (such as you dont want to leave the WCC but you need to take a short break to gather your thoughts, or you're heading on summer camp)

2. TAKE RETIREMENT - If you no longer have any interest in the WCC, you can ask your Divisional Officer to be retired. This is known formally as an 'honourable discharge', and you will retain your rank and honours whilst gaining the suffix of 'Rtd.'. Of course, you're welcome back at any time!

17. Where can I find the Rules and Regulations of the Corps? Why are they important?

WCC Rules & Regulations can be found on the forums, or on our webpage here. They are important because they provide guidance and instructions for every single aspect of the Corps, even ones which are very rarely encountered. They provide stability and reassurance to all members, and they are frequently updated to remain a true reflection of the current WCC.

As mentioned above, this questions list will continue to grow, so if your question is not on this list please ensure it is asked and that you receive the information you need. If you do not have any further questions, proceed to the Join Form and you can quickly begin your training!

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