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Address From the Commandant

Welcome to 2018! 



I am Maj (WCCM) Cory Setera and I have the pleasure of serving as your Commanding Officer for the 2018 Training Year. I am quite humbled to have been elected by you and I hope not to disappoint. There are many things that I hope to accomplish this year and with an excellent command team with me, I know all of you will make it to where you want to be too. 

All positions within the corps have been advertised as available so please take a look around at where you might like to go and who you might like to lead and be sure you get your applications in to the Executive Officer Colonel Ivan Noble at or the Logistics Officer at

The CSNCO position is also up for votes right now by all NCO's so if you haven't already, please send me your vote for CSNCO. Your choices are the current CSNCO MCPOC Myles Bestainich, GySgt Horace Brown, MSgt Hayley Smith, and SSgt Chase Neil. Send your votes to

Thanks everyone and here's to a great new year!


Lieutenant Colonel(M) Cory Setera
Commanding Officer


Address From the Executive Officer

Last Updated: January 3, 2018

Greetings all members of the WCC

I am very excited to be honoured with the office of Executive Officer, supporting our elected CO in his quest to achieve goals for the year.  

With fresh enthusium in the divisional command slots shortly I am very optimistic on what the year has to bring.  

So Let's push forth into 2018. Lets see new progress in the WCC and look forward to what we can achieve together.


I can be contacted at and as is always my form the door is always open.



Colonel(A) Ivan Noble
Executive Officer


Address From the Corps Senior NCO

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Web Cadet Corps,
Please allow myself to introduce....myself. I am Corps Master Chief Myles Bestianich, and I have been elected as the Coxswain for the 2018 Training year. I have been Around the WCC on and off for many years. I started back in 2000 and had to depart due to life taking over in 2003. I have been through the cadet program in Canada from 9 years old all the way to this past summer when I retired as Commanding Officer of the Largest Navy League Corps in Canada NLCC Captain Jackson at the rank of Lcdr (NL). I love the WCC and all that it stands for and believe that it provides us with a great oppertunity to learn and engage with others around the world. I will let you know I am here for all of you and will do whatever I can do work closely with every cadet and officer in the WCC. My passion is growth and I would love to see this Corp flurish, and I know with hard work, dedication and fun it will blossom. Come drop me a line and say hello, id love to get to know more about you. WCC for life!
Please allow myself to introduce....myself. I am Corps Master Chief Doug Campbell, and I have been given the distinct honour to serve as the Coxswain for the 2017 Training year. I've been here forever, I've been in just about every position from top to bottom, in almost every single uniform. 
The WCC is a bright, vibrant group of people from around the world who have come together to celebrate our similarities. We all share a common appreciation for cadet programs and militaries of all nationalities. Many of us have been cadets or members of our nations' militaries. Some of us just want to learn more. We all are here with some common ground. 
On top of the military appreciation, we all enjoy being members of a team. We all like contributing, chatting with our fellow members, learning new things and having fun. That there is, of course, the name of the game! 
If anyone needs me, please feel free to send me an email or a Private Message on the forums. I tend to reply quite quickly.
Let's make this a great training year!
Yours Aye,

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Corps(N) Myles Bestianich
Corps Senior NCO

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